Fish on!

...the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Every time the king of salmon strikes your line - you're in for the fish fight of a lifetime.

on the line

Spring Salmon

Also called king salmon, chinook, tyee, etc...


Snapper, lingcod, yellow eye, etc...

& More Springs

On Board "Spring Fever"

"Spring Fever" is a... a 31 foot (9.5 meter) fully equipped Bayliner Trophy designed for cruising, sight seeing wildlife, water taxi, and fishing the bountiful, pure ocean waters of the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, Canada.

Below deck:

  • Walk-in bathroom with a flush toilet
  • Comfortable below deck seating
  • Hot, running water

On Land

Sunset from shore in Secret Harbour, sunshine coast British Columbia.

During your boat charter you will see many different species of sea birds, harbour seals, sea lions and sometimes Pacific Whiteside dolphins, porpoises, and _____ whales .

We can fish for Salmon , all Cod species , and Crabs as well as West Coast Spotted Prawns.

By law, anyone intending on fishing the waters of British Columbia must by Canadian law purchase a tidal (saltwater) fishing license on the Canadian government website.

After you download the FishingBC sport fishing app to your mobile phone you will be able to buy your BC fishing license, identify your catch by specifies,

Fishing BC is a free mobile app for android and iOS created by the Sport Fishing Institute of BC in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and supported by the Pacific Salmon Foundation as a free resource to find everything you need to fish in BC including getting your fishing licence, storing and display your B.C. Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence.

(Licences are purchased annually and are good from April 1 to March 31)

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